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Meet Pacific Epping local influencer - Jena
Say hello to Jena Nichola, a mum of two from the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.
Published 13 January
Not only does Jena work in education as a school teacher, but over the past three years she has also shared a glimpse into her life as a mother, wife, teacher, and everything in between via her Instagram account. 

As one of the local faces featured in the ‘Our Style, Our Way’ fashion campaign, we caught up with Jena to find out more about her personal sense of style, why she loves living in Epping, as well as her top fashion tips for dressing during the warmer season.

Read on to discover Jena’s take on our community, our style and everything she loves about our local fashion scene.

Describe your personal style.
“Casual meets minimalist! I’m all about looser fits and comfortable fabrics. I wear mostly classic and neutral colours, and love fabrics like linen, denim, and cotton. I tend to keep my accessories minimal and simple.”

Tell us what you love most about shopping for fashion at Pacific Epping? 
“The variety of styles that are offered across the stores. Whether I’m shopping for an outfit for a casual dinner or a more formal outfit for a night out; I’m able to find everything I need in one place.” 

What do you love about living in Epping? 
“I love that everything is close by, and I don’t need to travel far to buy a new outfit, grab a good coffee or dine-in at a nice restaurant. Everything can be done at the one location, which is so convenient.”

What are your go-to shops and restaurants in Pacific Epping? 
“Some of my go-to shops in the centre are Decjuba, Kmart, Cotton On, Bonds and Witchery. As for restaurants, some of my favourites are Schnitz, Gami Beer and Chicken and Nando’s

What are your top style tips for fashion in 2022?
“Less is more. I think that the neutrals are here to stay with a lot of linen and loose-fit clothing making its appearance with the warmer weather.” 

How would you describe the local look in Epping?
“For everyday looks I would say the majority prefer a casual look; comfort meets style! In saying that, I do believe we have a variety of styles in the area as we are such a diverse community.”
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Published on 13 January, 2022
Published on 13 January, 2022