Pacific Epping Car Parking

As of 16th August 2010 time limits were introduced at Pacific Epping to provide better customer access to car parking spaces located closest to the centre’s entrances. The introduction of 4 hour, 2 hour and 1 hour restrictions will improve the flexibility in the use of our car parks. The timed restrictions will alleviate the congestion caused by public transport commuters, retailers and surrounding business employees.

Parking closest to the Supermarkets and H&G are limited to two (2) hours. Please refer to parking signs in all parking zones for further information.

Please observe and be aware of the permitted time limits when entering the Centre car park. Parking signs limit the amount of time a car can be parked in a spot. You must not park your car for longer than the time shown on the sign or you risk a fine.

If you have any enquiries please contact Centre Management on (03) 9401 4111.

Car Park Map