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UNIQLO's 10th Anniversary

UNIQLO celebrates a decade of LifeWear in Australia
Published 13 May

From our first store in Melbourne ten years ago, to expanding to 38 stores nationwide, we’re immensely proud of the journey we’ve embarked on, enriching people’s lives through our LifeWear philosophy of simple, high-quality and everyday clothing.

To celebrate a decade of UNIQLO in Australia, we have partnered with a cast of beloved Australians who embody the spirit of UNIQLO’s LifeWear. Our campaign featuring Steph Claire Smith, Patrick Lipinski, and Silk Cartwright showcases how LifeWear compliments everyday Australians’ diverse styles and needs.

Here's what Steph, Patrick and Silk had to say about UNIQLO.

Steph Claire Smith | Business Co-Founder (KIC), Model and Mum 

"I personally love the UNIQLO cashmere crewneck sweater because it comes in so many different colors, which is awesome. But I also just love layering, especially down in Melbourne at this time of year – it just goes with everything. Every time I’ve worn it I’ve had compliments on it and everyone wants to know where it’s from!"


Patrick Lipinski | AFL Footballer

"My favorite UNIQLO item is a UNIQLO U AIRism T-shirt. Every time I walk into UNIQLO I buy two or three… whether that's weekly, or if I go in every few months I'll definitely buy a T-shirt. I’m always wearing them – they're the best. I particularly love how they’re so versatile in summer as an outer layer or even in winter as a base layer with a jacket on top. It’s just a great piece of clothing."


Silk Cartwright | Artist and Content Creator

"My favourite UNIQLO piece is the Extra Fine Merino Polo Cardigan. It’s super comfortable and I love the bright colour. It’s a cute cut and really versatile. I would wear this a lot!"


Here’s to celebrating the past, embracing the present, and eagerly looking forward to the future together.

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