Best Winter Beauty Products at Results Laser Clinic

This Winter, give your skin the hydration it needs!

Dry skin can appear flakey, feels rough, tight, textured and sometimes be red or itchy. Winter seems to trigger dry skin and is a hard battle to win for many. 


This month we want to feature some incredible skincare products and skin treatments that will give your skin that hydrating - tall drink of water it needs during winter!

Results Skin Care


Regular maintenance of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising is required to protect your skin from dryness and dehydration. The Results Active range is a MUST HAVE to ensure that your skin is clear from the comfort of your home. 

Top product recommendations:

  • Active Clean's technically advanced formula gently removes make-up and impurities, whilst conditioning and maintaining the PH balance of your skin.
  • Active Smooth contains natural bamboo extract to gently exfoliate and purify the skin
  • Active Moist is an everyday anti-aging moisturiser, rich in antioxidant Vitamins A and packed with peptides to improve elasticity.

Edwards Cosmeceuticals


Crafted with precision, the Edwards Cosmeceuticals lineup features a variety of powerful serums designed to target common winter skin concerns such as pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, and uneven skin tone. These serums work synergistically to nourish, hydrate, and revitalise your skin, leaving it looking and feeling its best even in the coldest months.

Top product recommendations:

  • Hyaluronic Booster Serum targets dehydration, boost moisture - locking protection with a powerful duo of Hyaluronic acid and Allantoin to promote healthy, radiant skin.
  • Resurfacing Cream Cleanser with AHA has a potent bioactive blend of wild lime harvest extract formulated to deeply purify the complexion. Gentle, yet highly effective, the combination of caviar lime, desert lime and rainforest lime work synergistically to help exfoliate and stimulate cell regeneration for a bright, clearer complexion.
  • Revitawhite Brightening Serum targets sun-damage and pigmentation, this powerful cocktail of brightening actives assists with reducing the appearance of dull, uneven skin tone. Use this illuminating serum to improve overall skin radiance during these colder months.

Rejuvenating winter skin treatments

As winter blankets the world in frosty air and crisp winds, our skin often bears the brunt of the season's harshness. There's no need to resign ourselves to a season of lackluster skin. Results Laser Clinic offers an array of rejuvenating winter skin treatments designed to combat the effects of the cold weather and leave your skin glowing with vitality.

  • Microdermabrasion: Another popular winter skin treatment at Results Laser Clinic is microdermabrasion. This non-invasive procedure uses a diamond-tipped wand to gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover. Microdermabrasion is particularly effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, as well as improving overall skin texture and tone. With no downtime required, it's the perfect pick-me-up for tired, winter-worn skin.

Regular exfoliation promotes blood circulation as well as encourages the turnover of cells, resulting in clear and healthy skin. To maintain the benefits of your skin treatments, we recommend Results Active Protect SPF50+ is an important part of your skincare routine. Sun protection is important to reduce the signs of premature ageing.

  • Chemical Peels: For those seeking more intensive exfoliation and rejuvenation, chemical peels are an excellent option. Results Laser Clinic offers a range of chemical peels tailored to different skin types and concerns. These peels work by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells, revealing fresh, new skin underneath. This process not only improves skin texture and tone but also stimulates collagen production, leading to firmer, more youthful-looking skin. Whether you're struggling with acne, hyperpigmentation, or dullness, there's a chemical peel to suit your needs at Results Laser Clinic.

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Still unsure what products or treatments would be best for you? Visit our team in clinic for a complimentary skin analysis, where they will discuss product recommendations as well as possible treatments that would complement your skin care at home.