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Hello Again '70s

Denim on denim is calling.
Published 27 February

Hello again ‘70s, we can’t wait to welcome your fresh, free-spirited vibes.

70s Fashion is making a triumphant comeback to Pacific Epping, bringing with it a burst of free-spirited vibes and retro charm. From earthy tones to vibrant psychedelic colours, we can't wait to welcome back the fabulous flared silhouettes, platform shoes, and bohemian soul of this iconic era. Read on as we revel in the revival of 70s fashion and show you how to infuse your wardrobe with its timeless allure.

Embracing the groovy revival

With 70s fashion in the limelight at Pacific Epping, disco-inspired pieces take centre stage once again. Think chunky soles, billowing shapes (blouses, dresses, trousers), and bold patterns that exude a sense of carefree elegance. Embrace some Night Fever with jumpsuits in vibrant hues or wide-leg pants that elongate your silhouette. Opting for fun, statement pieces will help you capture the spirit of the era.

Modern nostalgia: styling tips

To embrace the 70s fashion revival while keeping your look fresh and contemporary, consider paring back retro styles with more modern items. Mix and match vintage-inspired pieces with current trends to create a unique and personalised style.

Dressing for the season

In the cooler months, warm up your wardrobe with the rich earthy shades of caramel, terracotta, and sunset-inspired hues. These colours bring a touch of sunny warmth to any ensemble and evoke a sense of nostalgia for the bygone era. Incorporate them into your outfits through cozy knits, suede jackets, or flowing maxi dresses.

In summer, embrace the essence of the era while staying cool and stylish. Incorporate key elements such as breezy fabrics, vibrant colours, and iconic silhouettes to create a retro-chic look. Opt for floaty maxi dresses or cotton or even denim playsuits in bold, sun-kissed hues. Pair with floppy hats and platform sandals for a touch of disco glamour. Don't forget statement accessories: we love tassel earrings or woven handbags for that added 70s fashion flair.

The (pattern) clash

Experiment with layering by pairing a bohemian-style blouse with high-waisted jeans and a leather jacket for a modern twist. Don't be afraid to play with textures and patterns—combine a flowy dress with a bold floral print with a chunky knit turtleneck or jumper for a chic boho look, and add a plaited or woven belt for the finishing touch.


Go your own way with accessories

Accessories play a huge role in capturing the essence of the 70s through fashion - in both impact and size. Complete your outfit with oversized sunglasses, statement belts, large hoop earrings, headbands or scarves, and platform shoes or boots. These bold accessories add the perfect finishing touches and channel the spirit of the era.

Step into the groovy world of 70s fashion at Pacific Epping

Pacific Epping has a range of stores offering fabulous pieces inspired by the era, from Just Jeans for denim, Katies for floaty blouses, to Novo Shoes for fashion-forward boots, and UNIQLO for chunky knits and timeless staples. Embrace retro charm and let the nostalgia guide your style with these 70s fashion tips and a trip to Pacific Epping.


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