Huss from YD, Pacific Epping
Summer 2022
What's Hot Right Now | YD
Huss shares the items that are trending right now at YD
Published 31 January

When it comes to comfort, style and approach Huss knows a thing or two about summer picks. We chatted to Huss from YD Pacific Epping for his top tips for summer fashion. These are some of his summer secrets this season!

Which summer items have become customer favourites?

“Linen and viscose for lightweight materials to keep you cool from Melbourne's unpredictable heat. These are two materials I keep in rotation as they can be styled up or down depending on the occasion.”


What will we be wearing back in the office in 2022?  What’s your one piece of style advice?

"The denim jeans from YD are underrated! They're surprisingly stretchy and breathable, they hug the body nicely and are perfect for day and nightwear."

Which fashion items are your go-to’s for summer?

"You can't go wrong with a classic printed t-shirt. Cotton t-shirts are great for day wear, for something causal and comfortable."



For more summer styling tips, visit the YD team at Pacific Epping!

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